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Partnerships/Investment Opportunities

KOKO is one of the world’s finest club and concert venues. That it has achieved this distinction in such a short space of time is testament to the ambition, determination and brave entrepreneurial outlook of its management company. In order to maintain kudos of the KOKO brand, we intend to avoid complacency at all costs and with companies and investors that share its vision, to ensure that KOKO goes from strength to strength and maintains its position as an international market leader.

KOKO is truly global brand, one whose profile is on the rise not only in the music and entertainment industries but also in the corporate sector, with its dynamic creative team’s growing reputation for excellence in property and event management. Now, the Mint Group is looking beyond London to create partnership opportunities for forward-thinking investors and sponsors who want to share in KOKO’s glittering future.

Please email us for enquiries on working with the KOKO brand in events, branding, joint ventures, media and licensed venue agreements.

The Numbers

  • 400,000 people come through the KOKO doors every year
  • 20,000 and growing visit a Mint Group Bar every week
  • 300 million homes worldwide have access to the album chart show which is filmed live at KOKO
  • 12,000 people read the KOKO newsletter every week
  • 45,000 active subscribers
  • 60000 unique visitors to the KOKO UK website every month
  • With the advent of www.kokoasia.com we fully expect to see the numbers rise dramatically and our reach to encompass all of Asia and Australia

London Live

KOKO achieves enormous worldwide exposure via the weekly London Live, which is filmed in the venue and showcases the very best music around. The show is broadcast by Channel 4, Britain’s most daring and cutting edge terrestrial broadcaster and receives prime-time transmission across Amercia, Japan, Europe, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East. The Huge show means KOKO is visiable in over 300 million homes worldwide.


Koko Live Posters