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Sasha @ Zouk Kuala Lumpur

Sunday 7th December 2008

KOKO rarely does dance music. We don’t rave, we don’t body pop and we’re not a part of the chemical generation who try to move mountains. However, tonight was different; tonight was something special - tonight was the return of Sasha to local shores. While Malaysia is (mostly) lucky enough to attract some of the biggest names around to strut their stuff on the hallowed wheels of steel, it’s not often that someone who has been voted among the top 10 DJ’s in the world every year for the past decade graces the country with their presence. For this very reason, I put on my dancing shoes and headed down to the newly revamped Zouk club, nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Besides, how could anyone miss Sasha on purpose?

You only need to click here to view what a pioneer he was on the early dance scene, holding residencies at legendary nights like Hacienda and Renaissance (ask your older English friends). Having been in the game now for over two decades, Sasha is still very much at the top of the pile. And a top deejay like Sasha needs a venue like Zouk to showcase his talents.

Zouk has recently undertaken a major refurbishment and if their intention was to give clubbers a more personal, interactive experience, they didn’t only hit the nail on the head – they smashed it in with a sledgehammer. Featuring a plush new interior decor and with big screen visual effects littered around the club, it delivers an experience not to be missed by the shufflers, ravers and club darlings of the Kuala Lumpur night club scene.

Deriving from his signature progressive trance sets which earned him and fellow DJ John Digweed international acclaim, Sasha hit the enthusiastic crowd with a non stop barrage of heavy beats, brooding basslines and whimsical electronics – and amazingly, he didn’t let the pace drop for the duration of his three hour set.

With his sophisticated, easy-flowing spinning style and his intuitive appreciation of what pleases the masses, Sasha heightened expectations and did not disappoint the revellers who may the trip out to dance to his beats. Imagine if you will, a 1000 strong room littered with club casualties raving like it’s their last night on earth and you are barely scratching the surface of the experience. Sasha’s familiarity at playing in bustling environments shone through as he managed to flawlessly execute his performance whilst throwing in numerous handshakes, song requests and in-your-face flash photos for lucky audience members in the mix like a seasoned pro.

In summary, it was a night no self-respectful weekend monkey could miss. Here’s to another 20 years of Sasha night outs.

By Mayho


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