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Popscene @ Zest Bar, Kao San Road, Bangkok.

By Matt Smith of The Standards

What is so wrong about doing a bit of a cheeky review/promotion for your own event? Nothing, especially when it's fucking brilliant.

I've been organizing Popscene for nearly 2 years and it just keeps getting better, last month’s being the most mental yet. Kicking off at 9pm as usual, the early doors part of the night is one of the highlights for me. There are usually only a couple of people in at this time so it’s a good opportunity to have a prat about. Spirits are high, me and DJ Pretty Standard have usually had a few bevies by this point and there is a really loud PA system to play our new tunes. (If your reading this and thinking of coming to the next Popscene, don't come 'fashionably late', come when the doors open and get yourself warmed up on good music).

So supercool little Zest Bar started filling up nicely with the regular supporters of Popscene as well as a lot of new faces all contributing to the best thing about this event, the atmosphere, it’s always buzzing. You see, Popscene never tries to be something it’s not, it’s an indie night in a pub lock-in and where I’m from GOOD alternative music is played at indie nights. We do this and then throw in a few little classic gems from across the decades. The crowd that we pull know what to expect, they don’t leave disappointed and for that they not only come back, they bring their mates. The Standards always play at Popscene too, the music taste of the crowd fitting very nicely with our sound and therefore setting up one of the best gigs we play.

The livewire spectators were ready and as soon as we hit the stage, it kicked off. We had girls on the stage getting their arse’s slapped by members of the audience, a psychotic Scottish man without a shirt kept jumping into the band, offering us his bottle of whisky, I was hoisted up into the air on several occasions after a mosh pit formed that I quickly became a part of, bottles were smashed, objects were thrown, there was loads of jumping, shouting, falling on the floor, lairyness and whole hearted mental-ness. A great gig! Then to play us off stage was Club NME’s DJ Simon Subsonic. He kept the tempo up and the atmosphere buzzing until it was mine and DJ Pretty Standards’ go to ‘ave it on the decks. We took it in turns all night, Pretty whipping out some Gorillaz, The Streets and Friendly Fires and a few other bangers until I came on with a bit of classic Britpop and Indie from the likes of Primal Scream, Blur, Ocean Colour Scene and Weezer. Later on Pretty pulled out his ace cards by The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Elvis and, oh yeah, the Benny Hill and Minder theme tunes as well a cheeky bit of Chas And Dave. The climatic ending that has now become Popscene tradition didn’t go amiss either. The crowd forming the Popscene “O” on the dance floor and shouting along to finale song ‘Hey Jude’ with locked arms as if they’ve been friends for ever.

We all got well and truly pissed, sang our hearts out, danced like dickheads and went home with smiles on our faces, looking forward to the next one. Jesus, what a night!


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