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Soefara Jafney


JT: What do you think of the music scene?

The current music scene is progressing. I have seen a lot of talented, brave individuals & groups getting the centre stage, doing really great music. So good that you can imagine them getting successful with a few albums under their belts in the future. Our next step is to sustain them. To polish them and to make sure they are able to continuously produce great music. We have seen talents who have reached stardom in a very short period of time. Its a formulaic combination of real talent, good producing & marketing. I think these talented guys deserve a better opportunity as well as exposure.It would be grand to have a collective effort from individuals, community and goverment bodies to further enhance the commitement and acceptance of the music scene.

JT: How you got started?

I've been drawing since as far back as I can remember. Professionally I started with a clothing company I helped build. I have experienced a learning curve in the 6 years I was with Plastic Clothing (based in Kuala Lumpur with stores in One Utama, Suria KLCC and Midvalley Megamall among others) which was a satisfying start to my career as a designer after graduating from Multimedia University (B.Mm Hons Digital Media)

My responsibility was to design the girl's clothing and accessories line, with full control of the idea, concept and the design process, right up to production and final product.

Aside from that, I've experienced coordinating projects and events and have worked collaboratively with artistic individuals. (Plastic Flagship store launch in Midvalley, Fashion shows in Midvalley, One Utama, Album launch of Tempered Mental, product collaboration with DJ Blink, Reza Salleh and a few more events).

JT: What were your inspirations?

Inspiration comes in many forms. For me, it has to effect me at a certain emotional level. I am currently adoring children's books illustrations, especially by Errol Le Cain back in the 60s and 70s. The amount of detailing and authenticity is simply amazing. Music also has a deep impact in my artwork. How music is categorized into different genres like Rock, R&B, Pop, classical, that is how I would classify and structure my artwork. Be it have a commercial value or a more radical look or a very poetic impression. Research is very pivotal for me. At any time when something inspires me, I would note it down or sketch it out in my notebook. The net is also a wonderful tool for research.

JT: Is it easy being a designer in KL?

Similar to musicians, you have to get yourself & your work out there in the market to be seen. Branding and having a unique style to your work is very important. Therefore how 'easy' really depends on how much exposed your work is and how much effort you put in. Of course a bit of luck could do wonders.

JT: What's happening next for you?

Currently I am freelancing and my job scope includes branding, illustrations as well as art concepts on mediums such as websites as well as prints. Its a great time to hone my abilities as a designer, concept artist and illustrator.

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Moonshine, a handmade music show at 11th Dec 2008,9.30pm at Laundry Bar

This girl is talented.




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