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KOKO Asia Pop Art Interview

Wan Muhammad Atif was the man responsible for shooting the recent KOKO Asia launch party at Barsonic, Zouk and his work can be viewed in our Gallery. Wan was born on July 10th, 1988 and went straight into photography when he graduated from high school back in 2006. Encouraged by his dad and uncle to pursue a career in shooting he went to Singapore camera in hand to study the dynamics of a great shot. Now living back locally Wan is currently taking his majors in photography and specializes in shooting events.

What ignited your passion in photography?

It’s the people around me inspire me such as Nisha Amir and Fatma Khalid. Family and Friends inspire me because I feel as though they are my driving force to do better and produce work that is worth looking at. I like being in an atmosphere where people are having fun and enjoying themselves inspire me to capture the moment. I mean even still life inspires me just at the fact that life is able to be caught on camera. Pretty much everything around me ignites a certain degree of passion towards my picture taking.

Which have been your favourite events to shoot at? Is there any particular scene you gravitate to?

I like shooting music festivals. I gravitate towards the music scene only because is a lot more fun than any other kind of photo journalism. The crowds are great at music festivals too because you’ll never know what you’re capable of capturing and really tests your capabilities as a photographer with everything moving fast.

What do you think of the local indie scene in Malaysia at the moment?

I think the indie scene in Malaysia has definite potential. You can slowly see a movement towards arts and culture compared to say 5 years ago. More and more people are slowly respecting the indie scene and are giving the recognition it deserves.

What do you hope to see happening in the KL scene this year?

I really hope to see more music festivals because I believe we can really get more people in on the whole arts scene. The potential KL has for being one of the IT places to be when it comes to parties and festivals is astounding and not to mention the crowd we can garner at just one event.

Do you find it hard to be a pro with so many others partying around you?

Not at all, like I said before I love having a crowd around me when I’m taking pictures. It makes it a lot more fun. If ever there was a challenge, I believe that’s what makes you a better photographer, being able to overcome a difficult situation and produce a decent picture from it.

What are your best and worst snapping experiences?

My best shooting experience would be Sunburst 2008. The crowd alongside the music just really did it for me. Honestly with a good atmosphere around you, you just know that you will be able to take good pictures.

My worst experience would be Surabaya and Bali (Indonesia) when my storage card got corrupted and my camera got spoilt because of it - all those picturesque moments gone to waste.

Apart from the social nightlife scene, what other picture taking passions do you have?

When I’m not taking pictures of events, I’m mostly taking pictures of my friends and family. Taking candid pictures when we’re all hanging out is the best. Still life pictures are also good because it brings me back to when I started photography. I used to take pictures of random things around the house just to test my skills.

Plans for the future?

My ideal would be to take pictures for a leading magazine like Rolling Stone. I mean just looking at the pictures gives me a thrill and excitement to just be better at taking pictures of the music scene. From that, I wish to own my own magazine. You have to think big once in awhile!





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