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Placebo @ KL Live

Date: 24 March 2010
By sl4ck

It’s quite likely that - despite the odd cultural connoisseur - the majority of Malaysian’s have not been regularly exposed Placebo, so I left for the gig pondering what sort of reception they would receive on these shores. As soon as I stepped in the venue any doubts I might have had of Placebo’s popularity here were quickly expunged.

KL Live was about as busy as it gets and Twilight Actiongirl soon got the adrenaline pumping through the veins of the 2,000 or so in attendance. Delivering crowd pleasers such as ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘Mr Brightside’ the room was pumped and the mood was prepped for one of the most distinctive sounding bands in the world.

Being my first show at KL Live I enjoyed the sense of intimacy they created with the space. Even though the building was not designed with live performances in mind the acoustics and lighting were near perfect and help galvanize that good gig experience. If there was a grumble, it would be about the decision to not sell alcohol. But that’s a whole other rant.

You could feel the buzz in the air as Twilight Actiongirl stepped aside for the bands crew to come on for one last check up, and before long Brian Molko’s distinctive voice pierced the eardrums of all in the room to rapturous applause. Launching straight into a rendition of ‘For What It’s Worth’ the venue soon became alive with flailing limbs and impromptu mosh pits that were to last throughout.

Brian was clearly enjoying himself, taking every opportunity to soak up the adulation from the masses who were only too happy to give it in return for faultless renditions of ‘Bright Lights’ and ‘Battle for the Sun’. Being a Placebo fan myself I was happy to hear classics such as ‘Every You Every Me’ and ‘Special K’, however couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed to be deprived of maybe two of their more preeminent tracks ‘Pure Morning’ and ‘Nancy Boy’.

Despite the lack of alcohol and nancy boys, the Fat Boys had certainly put on one hell of a show which will undoubtedly leave other promoters wondering how to top it.

The arrival of Placebo to Malaysian shores signifies the start of an exciting period in the local music scene as promoters and venues discover that these sort of events can be organised successfully.

Malaysia has been waiting a long time to attract the sort of talent that visit its southern neighbor so frequently, however with Brian Molko’s vocals still ringing in peoples ears it would appear the light is switched on and burning brightly for the masses.

JT Comment: Amazing night, superb sound and up for it crowd. Placebo gave a special performance to the KL massive, that has had everyone talking about a new standard in ‘Live’ band events. Can’t wait to see Placebo again.

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