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Kele Reacts To Oasis Split

Date: 04 September 2009
By Johnny Mayo

Block Party’s Kele Okereke was one of the first to announce the news that Oasis had split, and seemed to take great pleasure in doing so while onstage at the Paris Rock en Seine festival last week.

Bringing his tour manager out on stage who broke the news to the audience in French, Kele seemed pretty chuffed that one of blighty’s most influential bands had decided to call it a day and appeared to be barely able to contain his joy.

Kele stated "So I'd like to take this moment to say, 'That's a shame, isn't it guys? So I guess by default, we are headlining" As he spoke guitarist Russell Lissak toyed with the opening riff to Oasis’ ‘Supersonic’, just to rub salt into the wound before Kele quipped "I'd like to dedicated this next song to anyone who really wanted to see those inbred twins." before bursting into a rendition of ‘Mercury’.

If that wasn’t enough, Kele continued the japery at his next set at the Leeds Festival, being the penultimate band to play before the mighty Radiohead brought the night to a close. "How are we dealing with the news? One of the great British institutions is no more. The final series of 'Big Brother'. Did you think I meant Oasis? Just kidding."

With Liam labelling many, many bands over the past few years as “shite”, it’s not hard to see why Oasis doesn’t command the respect from as many artists as they do from their loyal legions of fans.

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