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Scream Loud Thailand presents...
Live With Swine Flu @ The Common Ground, Bangkok 17/07/09

By Matt Smith of The Standards

Scream Loud are one of the quieter event organizers in Bangkok. Now this is actually quite ironic really from what I witnessed there last Friday night.

The thing very different thing about organizer Edward Rudy’s events is that they are exactly what they say on the flyer, and that is that they are really, really fucking LOUD! You can tell Eddie has a passion for music and that he is yet another of us trying to promote good music to the deprived and thirsty Asian masses. Scream Loud events are all about punk, hardcore and anything with a dirty riff. When I walked into The Common Ground, a cool little place on Bangkok’s Samsen Road, it was already busy with punters and a band called ‘Wasted’ were setting themselves up. They did their punk/skinhead thing with confidence and modesty but a bit more time in the rehearsal rooms to get rid of one or two duff parts and tighten up and they’ll be on the money. Wasted had achieved something though, the crowd were warmed up nicely for the next act, Eddies’ own band and, in my opinion, one of the best bands in this city, Blood Thirst Spider. It’s not easy being a white man in a band in this part of the world but this one has three and they are sticking two fingers up at the way the music industry here seems to find it hard to come into the 21st century. Their riffs are unforgettable; it’s nasty in places and dirty in others but can yet somehow find a melody to put a big cheesy grin on your face. It’s also clever without being complicated and songs like ‘Spider Whine’ and ‘Bangkok City’ see drummer Topp keeping an awesomely, strong, simple and steady, beat while guitarist and lead singer Axel twangs and thrashes his way through rockabilly inspired parts, belting out snarly, Cramps style vocals. Bass player Victor meanwhile looks cool and typically 60’s ‘skin’ with black rimmed Ray Bans with Eddie adding to the riot on guitar and vocals. They’d been away in their respected countries for a while too and this was their first gig for about 4 months, it’s very good to have them back.

Next up were a band called ‘Repoman’ who are all the way from Australia’s New South Wales, currently on a good sized tour of South East Asia. The five piece were nice and noisy, the drummer was great, the singer was powerful and the bass and guitar players were having a good old mental time tearing it up. Obviously they are a band who work hard on their sound and feel passionately about their tunes otherwise they would never have gone to the trouble of getting out on the road. There was just one nagging, niggling thing with these boys though, something that I found very hard to see past… at least 3 of them were wearing shorts. Who can name me one band that wears shorts? AC-DC I suppose, and that doesn’t really count because it’s a school uniform. OK, now who can name one punk band that wear shorts? I can’t say I ever remember Mick Jones coming on stage in a pair and comparing knees with Joe Strummer. They seemed to get away with it though and I seemed to be the only one who noticed, everyone else was loving it. At one point we even had one nutcase climb over the upstairs mezzanine banisters and onto a concrete lintel that holds up the building only for singer, A.J, to hand him the mic so he could do a bit of shouting down it. We then had a bit of acrobatics while he swung down into the band. All in allits fair to say Repoman were one of the better overseas bands that we have seen pass through here in a while. They were competent, energetic, well rehearsed and up for it. Good luck in New York lads.


So, what we got coming up then? Have a little looky:-

Friday 21st August @ Zest Bar, Kao San Road
9pm – late, Free Entry

Oi, there is a Popscene coming up!! If you haven’t been and you like good music, get yourself down there, even if you don’t live in Thailand, come and have it large for the weekend. It should be a good one too, the Popscene masses will have been deprived for a month and half by the time this one comes around. Lots of messiness and a big fat laugh with DJ’s Matty Boy and Pretty Standard who will be spinning timeless Indie, Britpop and 60’s with live band, The Standards.

Mind The Gap
Every Wednesday @ The Tube, COCO Walk, Ratchetewi.
9pm – late, Free Entry
This popular weekly event sees three bands, be it local or regional have a go at showing what they can do. First band usually start about 10pm, beer is well cheap too.

Club NME Bangkok
Bangkok Rocks @ Sukhamvit Soi 19, the first Saturday of every month.
Since the sucess of Club NME's debut here in Bangkok a couple of months ago, Simon Subsonic has been busy organising a monthly event. He seems to have found a great venue in the form of Bangkok Rocks and in true NME style, each month will feature a band or special DJ set. The first one is Saturday 1st August. Once agin, beer is cheap.

Love Buzz presents...
Interracial Party
25/07/09 @ The Tube, COCO Walk Ratchetewi, 7pm - Late

My old mate Love Buzz is doing the business at The Tube with DJs and live bands mixing up the genres and styles. Hooos, Ska Chance and the brilliant Tabasco amongst a load of others will be getting noisy.


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