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Peace Off :: Love On - 9/11

While some Singapore bands seem to thrive on little more than hype and haircuts, it's a relief to know that there's still real Rock n' Roll fun to be found under the radar, and the upcoming PEACE OFF / LOVE ON show to be held on this year's 9/11 proves it.

"We want to give people something else to remember about that date - something more positive," said Adrian Gang, the lead singer of the hotly-tipped We GANG who are one of four bands playing the show that he instigated.

It's going to be a fuss-free dose of the best original Indie in town with a great mix of bands that are now emerging from the underground and quickly becoming crowd favourites with each gig they play, making this is an irresistible line-up for all music fans.

Each band presents their own refreshing, unpretentious and melodic take on what they consider to be good old rock rock n’ roll - without it being retro. In addition to the ultra-catchy alternative pop of We GANG (who just won a place at an upcoming Ben & Jerry music festival), other featured acts include The Guilt, who are a local equivalent of a “Supergroup” with a line-up that features several members from various mutations of regional favourites, Force Vomit.

Rounding up the bill are British guitar-and-drums duo of Etc; and a new line-up of CloseApart, who recently shed the more glitzy portion of their band (a model, TV actress AND politician on keyboards) to get on with the serious business of rocking on.

Forget about Electrico... here's where the real power is. Let the sparks fly!

Where: Crawl Space, North Bridge Road, Kg Glam, Singapore
When: Friday, 11 Sept 2009
What time: Starts 8pm
Tickets: $10 (admission includes a drink of fresh Bandung. Limited edition of 5 litres)

The Guilt hails from the Lion City underground and claim to have a shady past, plus even shadier tunes - but don't worry because you're safe with their irresistible alchemy of Malay rock, Hokkien pop, and classic rock ‘n’ roll from every era. Specialising in songs about love, regret, religion and hope, some might call them a Singapura 'Super Group' because their members have earned credentials with the likes of Force Vomit, 1234X, V and beyond... But they don't want you to know this. So we won't tell.

CloseApart are melodic pop-rock influenced equally by classic 70s rock and seminal 90s Brit indie/dance. Simple catchy songs of love and hate with no regrets. They used to be more famous but the pain of fame hath left them. Consequently they're feeling a lot better now now thank you, and are even more ready to Rock n' Roll than ever. Yeah Baby, yeah!

Etc wear their hearts on their sleeves and keep the music off-the-cuff. Unique, bittersweet and critically-acclaimed, the Brit duo's 'Psychopop' and 'Gone-Tropo Bop' wins enthusiasts of all ages, and from all across the world. The legendary UK DJ John Peel once said the guitarist was 'spankingly good'. And the drummer's a powerhouse too. They've been on the BBC's Global Top 10, but really it's your heart they're after.

We GANG is made up of people of various sizes and drinking preference, playing mightily memorable and unpretentious pop songs that tell interesting stories. The music is dug by a growing number of fans - some of whom relate to the songs' sporadic declarations of joy, eulogies to untold pain, moments of lust, fantasy vengeance and blatant frankness. And other people just like the tunes. Top blitzkrieg bop that comes at you non-stop.


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